To the One Who Has No One

Friend, let me speak to you from my depths—from parts of me for which I have no name. I wish to speak to you who feel you have no one. To the one who feels isolated by their circumstances. To the one so baffled by and ashamed of your struggles that you feel you cannot... Continue Reading →

Excellence and Insignificance

During the dead hours of night, aboard an 11-hour flight from Istanbul to Chicago, I sat cross-legged in my tiny seat, completely riveted by Woman Walks Ahead. In this film, Michael Greyeyes plays the famed warrior chief Sitting Bull and Jessica Chastain plays Catherine Weldon, an artist who traveled from New York City to paint his portrait.... Continue Reading →

21 Tips for the Woman Traveling Alone

Navigating global travel alone provides a great challenge. It demands and develops strength, stamina, and common sense. But sometimes it is also lonely, and scary. The following are safety practices I've developed over the last six years of global travel. It may sound like a lot, but after a trip or two, they begin to... Continue Reading →

Confessions of a Wannabe Missionary

Seven years ago, I laid aside my waitressing apron and became a writer for a 103-year-old Christian missions organization. Most of my job happens in an office, creating short stories and news articles for various publications and websites, social media content, and the like. Then comes the part I live for — travel season! For... Continue Reading →

When Betrayal Comes

He was wildly talented, disarmingly charming, and intriguingly shocking. We were sitting side by side during our first date when a little dog wandered up to us. He snatched the dog by its throat and lifted it off the ground, chuckling as it whimpered and pawed the air. I felt sick. "Leave it alone!" He... Continue Reading →

What I Missed the Chance to Say

In my last entry, I observed the equally relieving and equally cruel reality that, after the death of one precious to us, life goes on. My world permanently changed on January 4th, 2017 when my grandpa — my ultimate buddy — unexpectedly died while I cooked his dinner in the other room. Despite the shock of that... Continue Reading →

Ink Blood

Some journeys are public — taken with joy and documented with pride. Other journeys are private — taken somberly and shielded from the world's eyes. They don't yield beautiful, blog-worthy photos. I packed my bags for such a journey not long ago. I collected my basics, pausing to stare at the beautiful monogrammed train case that... Continue Reading →

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